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NeoGenesis - OOC community
31st-Mar-2010 02:09 am - ...
Dropping neo_rpg. I'm not sure what to say. ._.; I had a lot of fun while I was here and made a lot of friends. I had a lot of good memories and happy to have been here.

Copy and paste here;
friend remove deferential
friend remove soulparadox
friend remove utterlydevoted
friend remove rainreborn
friend remove waitingfora
28th-Feb-2010 11:47 pm - Stay cool.
[P4] Kanji ★ it's all on videotape.
Hiatus? 1-2 weeks.

This affects Shikamaru, Madara, Ryou, and Kanji. Poke me if you need to godmode them.
geteiltes leid und gleichgesinnt.
Johan's back for one last hurrah (and if you don't remember the previous time he was out and about, check back to Battle Royale).

He's about to make a televised appearance to announce his return. Only it's not really his return he's announcing. For those of you unfamiliar with Monster canon, Johan is essentially the Antichrist, with the charisma to convince anyone to kill themselves or each other with only a few soft words. And right now? He's appearing on TV to convince every person in NeoGenesis to kill each other.

This event is optional. If your character misses the broadcast, they're safe from his influence. However, anyone who chooses to watch the speech in its entirety will be subject to Johan's influence and suddenly develop and strong urge to violently murder everyone around them OR commit suicide out of despair and hopelessness.

Because Johan is interrupted before the speech is over, your character can be talked back to sanity eventually. The duration of the speech's effects are entirely up to you. The less stable the character, the longer it'll probably last. Hell, his words might haunt them forever on some level.

You can use this post to plot! Or ask questions. I'm putting up the broadcast post directly after this. You can thread your reactions there, too.
14th-Feb-2010 07:16 pm - MOD STUFF
☢ ║【 ITK 】Love-letter

For today and tomorrow, it’s going to be raining -- yep -- cum. Semen, the stuff from guy’s junk. So have fun with that. Oh yeah and because we can, the cum in Abyss is going to have STDs lolol. OH and the cum is Elysium acts as a really good moisturizer. Bottle and sell it while you can

IMPORTANT: Yes, yes. I know! We all like having ‘No Acitivty Checks’, but sorry guys. Because of the slowness and all that stuff, we’re going to have them back. THEY WILL BE BROUGHT BACK AT THE END OF FEBUARY (However, the check will start at the end of March), these activity checks go by the same rule that applied before: Either two posts per character, one journal post and one log, or 15 comments on another’s entry.

HOWEVER! These activity checks will not be monthly, they will once every two months.

Okay and the last announcement. There will be a player plot at the end of next week, so be prepared. That’s all. I think.

Anyone's got any concerns/question then just ask here!
5th-Feb-2010 08:39 pm - This time for reals :
The Rain smiles hot
It's been fabulous, guys, but I'm going to have to say goodbye this time.  This Yamamoto account is being passed on to another Yamamoto for another game, so please remove him from your lists. 

Also, Anemone and Fon are going to pass on.  Thank you all so much for being awesome, and I'll catch some of you elsewhere.  <3
2nd-Feb-2010 12:07 am - Sponsored accounts, activate.
[P4] Shadow!Kanji ★ ohohohoho~♥
Hey guys, I just thought I should remind everyone in case they don't already know... Sponsored accounts are available again. There's only a limited number so if you want one for your RP accounts you'd better get to it. If you don't know what a Sponsored account is, you get most of the benefits of a paid account (extra userpics, expand feature, etc) without having to pay anything, but you have to deal with an ugly commercial Russian layout and you can't use the add userpics feature. It's not really a big deal for a community-based game like us, if you're happy with a 30 userpic max.

To get a Sponsored account, go to your account settings and opt into Cyrillic services, then hop over here and select Sponsored.
29th-Jan-2010 10:49 pm(no subject)

Um, I'm Amanda and I'm new meat lmao : | I'm bringing Larxene from Kingdom Hearts: COM right after she gets eliminated by Sora and oh, she is full of rage. Except that she probably won't remember any of that whatsoever, but the anger she probably will.

Larxene in general is really sarcastic and has a bad temper so it's never good to get on her bad side. She has control over electricity and uhm...I can't think of anything else at the moment D8 She's a collage student and moonlights as an arena fighter when she gets bored. Other than that she waitresses at the Blood Moon. Yeah.

I can't wait to rp with all of you~<3
29th-Jan-2010 07:21 pm - dropping
I can't think of anything that I want to do with Mason and have been kind of uncertain about what it is I would like to do with him. So I'm afraid that he got the axe.

friend remove itsbritish @ Admin Console
18th-Jan-2010 06:18 pm(no subject)
[ isn&#39;t that interesting ]
Because I needed a character who isn't an antisocial bastard.

This is Miru with a third character. Gladias, from the series Erementar Gerad (which I doubt anyone here knows). He's an A&O employed agent and freelance killer living in Abyss -- though he often uses work as an excuse to lounge around teahouses up in Terra. He's a very friendly and very polite and very pleasant (if very blunt) person who enjoys making small talk and sitting around smoking and picking fights with strong people. He may or may not know other A&O workers; he also may or may not know people in the drug trade, since he's a bit of an opium junkie.

CR is welcome, since that's always fun. Yup.
16th-Jan-2010 07:08 pm - Like, ew. I disappeared?
no turning back
My stupid dumb ass was eaten by life.

After this weekend, I will hopefully no longer be dead.

That is all.

edit; I am a retard.

editedit; fml

fakeedit; booooo
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