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For today and tomorrow, it’s going to be raining -- yep -- cum. Semen, the stuff from guy’s junk. So have fun with that. Oh yeah and because we can, the cum in Abyss is going to have STDs lolol. OH and the cum is Elysium acts as a really good moisturizer. Bottle and sell it while you can

IMPORTANT: Yes, yes. I know! We all like having ‘No Acitivty Checks’, but sorry guys. Because of the slowness and all that stuff, we’re going to have them back. THEY WILL BE BROUGHT BACK AT THE END OF FEBUARY (However, the check will start at the end of March), these activity checks go by the same rule that applied before: Either two posts per character, one journal post and one log, or 15 comments on another’s entry.

HOWEVER! These activity checks will not be monthly, they will once every two months.

Okay and the last announcement. There will be a player plot at the end of next week, so be prepared. That’s all. I think.

Anyone's got any concerns/question then just ask here!
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