Larxene ✖ Savage Nymph ✖ XII (apatheticnymph) wrote in neo_ooc,
Larxene ✖ Savage Nymph ✖ XII


Um, I'm Amanda and I'm new meat lmao : | I'm bringing Larxene from Kingdom Hearts: COM right after she gets eliminated by Sora and oh, she is full of rage. Except that she probably won't remember any of that whatsoever, but the anger she probably will.

Larxene in general is really sarcastic and has a bad temper so it's never good to get on her bad side. She has control over electricity and uhm...I can't think of anything else at the moment D8 She's a collage student and moonlights as an arena fighter when she gets bored. Other than that she waitresses at the Blood Moon. Yeah.

I can't wait to rp with all of you~<3
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